How The Romantic Home was born!!! "For you and your romantic soul". Ericka   

The Romantic Home store starts in the heart of my home, which is my kitchen, one day I decided to change the complete decor in my home not really knowing how it would end. What a surprise, it was the beginning of something really special in my life, always with a passion for making, creating or restoring a piece of furniture, I decided to ask my husband about what he would think about me opening my own retail shop? Of course I was scared for the answer, but it was worth it, he looked at me and said "I really think it's a great idea for you, you should really put a plan together and go for it". Oh my god!!! I couldn't believe what I just heard, the support of my husband is really important to me because I know everything I am and all the accomplishments I made through this journey couldn't be possible without him and for that I am grateful and blessed and right at that moment The Romantic Home was born.